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A Taste of the Islands

Dominica's Caribbean Kitchen serves traditional Caribbean Cuisine in a bright, fun and festive atmosphere. 


We’ve carefully selected dishes that are representative of the Islands such as Jamaican jerk chicken and pork, curried lamb and a variety of seafood.

As people are willing to explore more varied dining options, we believe now is the right time to introduce Caribbean foods to the Chattanooga area.

We also realize not all family members may be as adventurous as others, so we also serve more traditional fare such as steaks and chops with interesting twists to please all types of palates. 

It’s this mix of cultures – Dutch, Spanish, French, British, African, Indian, and Chinese – combined with the area’s indigenous herbs, plants, fish and meats that makes the foods of the Caribbean so flavorful and unique. Enjoy a taste of the islands! 

Parties of six or more are encouraged to call ahead or make reservations so we can best accommodate your needs! (423) 475-6916. 
*Effective 9/3/17, Dominica's will be closed on Sundays. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.